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Site went live September 28th 2016


This site is designed to help fellow truck owners of Mack Pickups and larger  trucks

‚ÄčThis is a picture of my OLD MACK ED pickup, a 1941 Beauty which I will restore and preserve over the next few years. Email me so we can start a contact list and photo archive to help Mack owners and future drivers. I will be posting pictures of the process as I go along in detail. Email with questions or send pictures of your Mack and I will post it up, condition is not important look at mine.  As you can see I am working on parts reproduction and also the Mack ED Bed which I am taking orders at this time. A full reproduction bone stock Mack ED bed we are making now... Thanks for looking have a great day.

Day 1 of the OLD MACK TRUCK site September 27th 2016, I will in my spare time help others as much as I can with information and assistance of Preservation of Vintage old Mack trucks.